Motherhood is a unique challenge. You deserve to feel  good. My goal is to help moms of all shapes and sizes

live a balanced life.


Are you a mama who feels stuck and unable to put yourself first?


   Are you overwhelmed and undernourished?


Imagine what it would it feel like to take time to focus on your health and well being.



            More natural energy

            Less stressed out

            Motivated to engage in life 

            Deeper connections

            Better physical health

SUPPORT to feel  
GUIDANCE through

Weight Balancing 

Fitness Programs

Real Life Nutrition 

Postpartum Support

Raising Special Needs Kids

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A special series just for moms. This 6 week course is designed to help you overcome obstacles and fears that hinder you living a balanced, joyful and healthy life. 

Learn from other moms experiences and failures as you journey toward meeting your health goals, balancing your weight, eliminating stress, sleeping better and finding more connection in your life. 



Health Coaching Programs  include sessions with me in person as well as daily online/text support, personalized meal plans, fitness plans, and a shopping guide.

You have the option to add personal training, cooking instruction and/or a pantry makeover! You will recieve a full six months with me to help you meet your goals and achieve success.  VIRTUAL SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE! 

Not sure you are ready for that? Let's get together for a FREE health consultation



Personal training with me will focus on increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Workouts will be designed around your preferences to help you meet your goals and will include a variety of movements and venues!

Ongoing bootcamp classes happening NOW! Check out the  schedule!



Is your pantry looking S.A.D? If it is, it's probably full of foods that make up the "standard american diet". Learn to make some healthy swaps and try new foods. Whatever the reason we can clean it up!



Does the idea of cooking more meals at home make you want to pick up the phone and place an order? Maybe you just haven't mastered the basics or perhaps you want to branch out from the usual. Whatever the reason a one on one lesson might just be what you need! 

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A little Bit About Me

Hi, Im Shanas Harris! Thank you for taking time to learn about me and what I do. I have been where you are, I have struggled to find a way of eating and living that feels good and is free of guilt. I have struggled to hear my own voice in this life packed full of "must do's".

As a mom of four we live a pretty crazy life. I have three boys ages 10, 6, and 3. I home school our older two and it is a wild ride. My 3 year old also has an extremely rare genetic condition that effects his growth and cognitive development, but he is a happy joyful little man who continually teaches me about patience and compassion. Bringing up the caboose is our sweet little baby girl! She keeps me living in the present and I am so thankful for the experience of raising a girl. 


I use my experiences to help fellow moms through the pits of motherhood! It is hard work and should not be done alone. We have to work to find the balance between doing what is best for our health and what is easiest for our sanity!


I have always loved learning and continued to pursue my passions while growing my family. I have received training in different areas and spent several years evaluating and working with special education students. That lead me to begin looking into alternative ways to improve behavior and emotional issues through nutrition.  


            Masters degree in School Psychology

            Certified Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

            Group fitness and Yoga certified 

I believe that all people have the power to heal and sustain good health over the course of a lifetime. My education and experience have given me a unique set of skills to help you attain your health goals. 


Have a question or want to schedule a FREE health history? 

How can I support you? Lets talk!

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